Who We Are

At Angled Spade Technologies, our mission is to help our clients achieve operational excellence, drive innovation, and achieve sustainable growth. We provide expert guidance and practical solutions that enable our clients to optimize their operations, develop new products and services, and expand their market reach. Our team brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise to each engagement, and we work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and challenges. Our mission is to be a trusted partner and advisor to our clients, and to help them navigate the complexities of the business world with confidence and clarity. While consultants deliver recommendations and move to the next client, Angled Spade Technologies assists our clients as advisors and team members, then assist with implementation and maintenance of the strategies we recommend to ensure success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the world through critical thinking, strategic development, and practical applications in industries that align with our passions. We are driven by the belief that first, R&D does not mean Rip-off and Duplicate and second, true progress stems from unlocking the full potential of human creativity and ingenuity. Our name, “Angled Spade,” is a summary of our mission. A pike or “spade” denotes the tip of the spear, which is the forward most component in the charge to battle, while “angle” denotes accuracy and precision. The connotation is that we accurately and precisely lead the way. The company is headquartered in Suffield, CT. All products are 100 percent USA made.

Our Team

Matt Dulude

Partner / Engineer

Angled Spade Technologies Co-Founder and Partner, Matt Dulude, is an accomplished Mechanical Engineer with fifteen years experience in the firearms industry. He has successfully led projects from concept to market launch at multiple companies ranging from smaller scale, family- owned organizations to some of the largest brands in the industry. Matt specializes in leading multi- disciplinary teams to bring products to market and uses his diverse skillset to support those efforts. Throughout his career, he has worked for companies such as Savage Arms, Century Arms, Polymer80, GoSafe Technologies and Vudoo Gun Works. Matt is a proud father of two girls, loves spending time outdoors and enjoys hunting, running, hiking, and snowboarding. He is a lifelong musician who plays drums and percussion. Matt is an avid PRS shooter, competing in both rimfire and centerfire divisions and is a member of the Precision Rifle Series.

Joe Salvador

Partner / Engineer

For Joe, firearms manufacturing runs three generations deep in his family. Early in his career, Joe honed his craft as an integral part of design teams for several fortune 500 companies. After successfully completing a Navy SBIR for MARCORSYSCOM, he raised capital, and ultimately launched Davinci Arms to manufacture silencers and rifle accessories. Joe later joined the engineering team at Savage Arms® to head up several precision long range rifle projects. These days, Joe is a key member of the Angled Spade team, holding a B.S. in Product Design and Development from Keene State College and an MBA from American International College. On weekends you can find Joe camping with his family or partaking in competitive long-range shooting. 

Josh Waldron

Senior Director of Revenue

Waldron has been an executive in a leadership role for the last 15 years in companies of various sizes, both private and publicly traded. Before joining the Angled Spade team, Waldron was busy consulting for several companies in various industries. Previous to consulting, Waldron was president of the Vista Outdoor (NYSE VSTO) tactical business unit where he ran the brands Blackhawk, Eagle Industries, Uncle Mikes, dynamic Entry, and Gunmate. His leadership drove revenues from $68mm to $90mm in 18 months, including an increase of 13% in EBITDA.

Before his position at Vista, Waldron was the founder and CEO of SilencerCo in Salt Lake City, UT. Waldron founded SilencerCo in 2008 and grew the company from a garage to an 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility with $70mm of income annually. This growth was mostly organic and was done with under a million dollars of equity investment. During Waldron’s time as CEO, the company made the Inc 500 list for 5 consecutive years, topping the list at the 202nd fastest-growing company in America. 

Waldron has served on many boards and founded the American Suppressor Association, which has influenced the change of over 36 laws nationwide and has enhanced 2nd amendment rights for Americans.  Waldron is an avid hunter, musician, and photographer, and lives in Virginia Beach with his wife and 4 children. 

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