You stand in a vast landscape of familiarity.

Everywhere you look are the inauthentic ramblings of self-proclaimed experts repackaging the status quo in shiny new wrappers, attempting to disguise the mundane as novel revolutions. They grasp at a common vocabulary of overused, empty buzzwords in a futile attempt to find relevancy. The pounding of chests from high atop Mount Hubris, while claiming to be innovative, has become the fuel of industrial and consumer cynicism, yet it continues. Is anyone really listening?

Now, look to the horizon and take note of the tempest.

Feel in your sinew the approaching sea change. Disregard the empty promises of minute iterations inflated to appear meaningful and adjust your deflated anticipation. 

The storm is coming, are you ready to be thunderstruck?

This storm does not require evacuation, but you should prepare.

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